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Embedded tracking code

  • What is the tracking code?
    SiteSpider's tracking code can track spider crawl records from various search engines around the world.

    Once the installation is enabled, you can help your site record those search engines that come to your site, to understand the degree of interest of the search engine for the site, improve the content of the site, and thus increase website traffic!
  • How to enbed?
    When you add a site to SiteSpider, you can get the tracking code that is specific to your site. If you are the webmaster or manager of the site, you are advised to place this code before the tag on the site page.

    Remind you! Be sure to embed the tracking code on every page so that you can conduct a comprehensive tracking record.
  • How to enble?
    After you embed the tracking program code in the website page, please go to 「my website list」,to check your website information.

    After you embed the tracking program code in the website page, the system will automatically count and the statistics will be updated every day!

About Search Engine Keywords SEO Marketing

  • Choose the correct keyword

    The choice of keywords is an art and SEO is the most important job. Everyone has different opinions. Beginners can use "how to select keywords" and search engines to find articles and choose keywords that suit their own website.

    mining and analysis tool

  • Website Keywords Settings
    The keywords should appear in the page title tag. The title tag Title Tag is a very important factor at the moment and should contain your most important keywords.

    The main keywords can be placed in the Title to get a better ranking
  • Improve keyword rankings
    Trying so much, is to make the site's keyword rankings to the front, which requires the weight of the web page, join the site and search engine spiders to increase the rankings

    to go to other sites to do friendly exchange links, or to the forum blog to publish The article does a reverse link, which helps to improve the ranking of the weights

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